Welcome to Fine Media & Consultancy !

Fine Media & Consultancy is a US based advertising agency having regional offices in Dubai, Kabul & New Delhi. FMCG, the creative arm of Telephone Systems International, USA specializes in Brand Consultancy, Print Advertisement, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Multimedia production, Web Design and Event Management. FMCG is dedicated for creating ideas, planning and handling promotion for our clients.

The company provides a unique blend in delivering a wide spectrum of highly effective advertising and marketing communication designs to a diverse industry base. Creativity, Integrity and Quality are the values and guiding principles used at FMCG Studios. Here, we believe that every brand is a distinct entity.

From Construction to TV media…
Manufacturing to Telecommunications
Fast moving consumer goods to NGO…
FMCG offers its clients an unprecedented advertising solutions resource.

Our Clientele: